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#Adulting: Life Hacks to Get Your Sh*t Together with Zack Peter & Abigail Fraher

May 24, 2019

In this special mini-episode, co-founder of FitVine Wine Tom Beaton joins #Adulting with Zack Peter and Abigail Fraher to breakdown the common issues with traditional wine (dyes, additives, sugar, carbs) and what we can look for when selecting "clean" wine — without breaking the bank! 

Enjoy the wine without the day after hangover whine. Give FitVine Wine a try! It's clean, additive-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly. Give it a try and get 10% OFF your first order with code ADULTING10 at

Keep up with Zack @justplainzack, Abigail @abigail__af, and Nikki @nikkisharp

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